Mission Statement

CARTERCOMMUNICATION is a multilingual network of corporate communication professionals, intercultural language coaches, copywriters, SEO gurus, editors, translators, interpreters, graphic designers, and web developers. Our services enable our clients to diversify and expand their marketing and operational scope, thus increasing their annual sales and growth potential while simultaneously improving their employees’ effective-communication skills and foreign-language proficiencies. We offer key people and teams the professional language training required for success in all their respective areas of expertise and assist in the development and optimization of their online and offline communication media. In direct cooperation with senior management and team leaders, we identify communication issues hindering productivity and consequently develop and implement a comprehensive, strategic plan for optimizing internal and external communication and cooperation. At CARTERCOMMUNICATION, the client’s success is our success.

Based on years of experience in numerous industries, our international, highly qualified team ensures our competitive edge and diversified service offer. We uphold the values of integrity, honesty, diligence, and accountability in all business endeavors and are dedicated to maintaining a work environment that promotes creativity, self-initiative. and the entrepreneurial spirit. At CARTERCOMMUNICATION, we are committed to excellence and offer our clients and their business partners the opportunity to expand their horizons.