The following is a brief selection of clients who have contracted our services since 2004 as well as a few of their testimonials. Our clientele has consisted of professionals and executives in numerous departments and corporate functions in various industries, entrepreneurs, film producers, political and nonprofit organizations as well as professors and students from several universities.

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January 20, 2009

Mr. Dylan J. Carter (from the company Carter Communication, Carter & Carter GbR) was contracted as a Business English Trainer for our company from 01 April 2007 to 31 December 2008. Our course participants consisted of 35 employees from several departments/teams (Asset & Property Management, Corporate Finance, Real Estate Consulting & Research, Risk & Insurance Management and Sales Performance Management) with varying proficiency levels. These were in particular the managing director, department and team leaders as well as senior and junior consultants.

With the support of Mr. Carter, we achieved the following goals:

  • Expansion of our international customer base via becoming proficient in sales and presentation techniques for BBT products and services
  • Review and optimization of departmental marketing material
  • Creation of a department-specific German-English glossary
  • Ability to competently and professionally hold meetings and participate in conference calls
  • Greater written and spoken proficiency as well as reading/listening comprehension
  • Improvement of fluency, grammatical accuracy and industry-specific vocabulary
  • Overcoming speaking inhibitions

The training sessions for the various courses were logically and thematically structured by Mr. Carter. He possesses very specialized knowledge, and led the courses in a lively and dedicated way that motivated all of the participants; he teaches competently, professionally and conscientiously. Since our participants could also bring in training material of their own, Mr. Carter combined theory and its practical application very well. Additionally, Mr. Carter was always reachable outside the training sessions, so that courses could be rescheduled and no training sessions had to be cancelled. Mr. Carter addressed questions concerning the training content individually, the preparation and follow-up of the training sessions was exceedingly good and very helpful for the individual language needs of each participant.

Mr. Carter successfully supported us during the period in which we strengthened our range of services for international clients. We wish him much continued success in the future.

Hartmut Heidenreich
Managing Director

January 5, 2009

I can recommend the Carter Communication Business-English Training: with the assistance of this training, I could expand my real estate-specific vocabulary. Through the industry-related discussions with my colleagues, my spoken language proficiency also improved!

Manja Fritsch
Senior Consultant
Real Estate Consulting & Research

Januar 15, 2008

I have been working at the Tagesspiegel for 12 years and am currently in the Key-Customers Team, together with the Ads-Director. I assist large customers such as banks and department stores in addition to special supplements and projects that are independent from our daily business.

So that this remain so successful, it was also necessary to speak better English, since I also deal with companies abroad. Thus, I took individual Business-English classes at Carter Communication from the end of 2006 until the end of 2007. Due to the training with Mr. Dylan Carter, I was able to improve my Business-English in a very short time. Now, I speak to my clients in English with confidence and independently compose e-mails and letters in English.

Together with Mr. Carter, I translated the most important sales documents (ads orders and rate cards, general advertisements and order forms) for our international clientele and used them to practice sales meetings. In every session, we reviewed and edited my current correspondence with English-speaking clients and used these documents to create English templates for both e-mails and telephoning, tailored for my future work. Additionally, I received training the following topics:

  • Sales, negotiations and telephoning
  • General Business-English proficiency and communication skills
  • Industry-specific vocabulary and grammatical accuracy

The Training with Mr. Carter was tailored exactly for my goals and what I needed in my everyday business, and the learning process was always fun. If you are looking for a language trainer to quickly and effectively improve your Business-English, I recommend Carter Communication.

Gabriele Decker
New Business: Sonderprojekte/Key Kunden

April 19, 2007

Regarding the English courses held at BBT — and the critical comments I’ve made — I would like to mention the following praise concerning the “Carter Communication Course” taking place now:

  • Contrary to the previous course, Dylan responds to the course participants considerably more; mistakes are immediately addressed and reviewed with the group.
  • The lesson preparation and follow-up is excellent and – more importantly – successful; vocabulary and topics are better incorporated and assimilated.
  • The relaxed atmosphere – resulting also from the group composition – greatly contributes to the learning process.

Conclusion: Getting up early is absolutely worth it. Many thanks to the BBT management.

Sven Stüwe
Senior Consultant
BBT Corporate Finance

August 7, 2006

Mr. Dylan J. Carter was contracted as a free-lance Business English Trainer for our corporate clientele and has taught professionals and executives, at all language proficiency levels, in various industries at over 23 companies in the greater Berlin area.

Within a very short time, Mr. Carter impressed me as a very competent, capable, and conscientious Business English Trainer. He is able to grasp quickly the language needs of his students. His students’ responses to feedback questionnaires concerning course content and quality of teaching have always been unanimously very favorable and ranked among the best evaluations we’ve received for our trainers.


Mr. Carter is always professional in appearance and in attitude, punctual, and willing to help out in a pinch. Because of his easy-going, friendly manner, Mr. Carter is very well-liked by students and colleagues alike. He performs his duties to my complete satisfaction. I can recommend him wholeheartedly and without hesitation as a Business English Trainer.


Charles Arrigo


lingua franca

January 9, 2009

Since 2007, I have commissioned Carter Communication to translate (German into English) and proofread my latest book and several of my essays for international publication. These texts deal with very complex philosophical subjects and are extremely difficult to properly translate and revise.

In addition to providing me with prompt and professional feedback throughout all of these projects, Dylan Carter and his team exceeded my expectations, both in verbiage and style, in the target language (English). For each order, I was provided with a word-choice document containing multiple options for ambiguous and subject-specific terms and formulations that I could proof prior to publication; this document is now an integral part of my translation style guide.

If you are looking for a multilingual team of experts in rhetoric, diction, style and punctuation who are capable of translating and editing texts with highly-specialized verbiage and complicated subject matter, while simultaneously providing you with direct and personal support throughout the entire process, Carter Communication is your solution.

Dr. Burkhard Scherer
Canterbury Christ Church University
Department of Theology and Religious Studies

February 9, 2009

I have commissioned Carter Communication to translate and proofread (DE – EN) various Transaction & Valuation marketing material, Power Point presentations for our products and services, micro and macro market analyses, online publications and sales brochures for large residential and commercial real estate portfolios for our foreign investors since 2007. In direct cooperation with my staff, Mr. Carter developed a departmental and corporate master German-English glossary, enabling us to create consistent multilingual publications based on a uniform terminology and usage guide. This guide clarifies many subtle distinctions of meaning of the real estate and financing terms frequently used in our industry and has become an integral part of our English style guide.

Mr. Carter and his team always delivered precise and professional work with marketing and rhetoric advice that we often used to improve the original German texts. I personally worked closely with Mr. Carter during each project, and via his word-choice overviews as well as the usage guide mentioned above, we produced optimal publications in both the source and target languages.

For companies that require professional and effective multilingual marketing material or are in need of a competent Business English coach or communication consultant who truly can bring your key people to the level of proficiency needed for international sales and negotiations, I recommend Carter Communication.

Mathias Groß
Managing Director
BBT Transaction & Valuation GmbH