CARTERCOMMUNICATION provides you with the following high-quality digital marketing and multilingual corporate communication services, tailored specifically to your needs:

We pride ourselves on successfully working with people from around the world to optimize their respective internal and external communication and achieve their digital marketing aims. For additional information, please see the service descriptions on the following pages. Your goals are our goals. Your success is our success.

If you answer, “Yes” to any of the following questions … CARTERCOMMUNICATION is your solution. To obtain a free quote or schedule an initial meeting where we can discuss how we may best serve your communication needs, feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Would you like to strengthen your multilingual corporate communication as well as your international sales potential?
  • Would you like to optimize both your online and offline marketing material while providing your high-performers and key teams with professional language training?
  • Would professional, clear, and consistent translations/revisions of your corporate publications benefit your clients, investors and employees? Would a company-specific style and usage guide and industry-specific glossaries have a positive effect on the clarity and consistency of your employees’ internal and external communication?
  • Do effective-communication skills, multicultural awareness/understanding and foreign-language proficiencies play an important role in your daily business and corporate culture? Do they directly impact national and international sales and customer relations?
  • Would your employees appreciate an on-site continuing education program, which reiterates your corporate mission and core competencies, provides them with new and marketable language skills, facilitates team-building, increases self-confidence and promotes the interpersonal communication and cooperation needed to establish a pleasant, productive and successful corporate culture?
  • Could an experienced multilingual change-manager, HR-trainer, or communication consultant help reduce/solve issues that arise due to intercultural or interpersonal misunderstanding? Could management coaches, logistics and IT consultants assist you in streamlining/optimizing your operations or new transnational projects?
  • Have you been searching for a more captivating “look” for your company, products, and services?
  • Do you feel that your company and/or its products and services could be more effectively marketed via an enhanced, multilingual corporate identity?
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