We tailor the various aspects of corporate communication consulting to the specific needs of our international clientele. Often, we combine general communication consulting with the language-training courses provided for our corporate clients at their respective places of business or with the services provided by our graphic-design team.

If you would like to strengthen your multilingual communication/marketing media or have experienced issues due to intercultural or interpersonal misunderstanding and are thus in need of a multilingual communication consultant or management coach, feel free to contact us at any time.

Service Overview

Establishing and Implementing a Comprehensive Communication Plan:

  • Identifying internal and external communication objectives
  • Streamlining communication channels and team dynamics
  • External-communication optimization:
    • Analysis and development of current sales and marketing processes
    • Identifying target markets and determining optimal strategies for target-groups
    • Maximizing sales potential via tactical and strategic advertising

Corporate Publications:

  • Annual and quarterly reports and corporate brochures
  • Magazines, articles and newsletters
  • Training manuals and codes of conduct
  • Corporate and staff profiles

Product and Service Marketing Material (online and offline):

  • Concept development and advertising for special events:
    • Exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences and seminars
    • Product and website launches
    • Sales promotions
  • Branding: creative names and slogans with optimal graphic design
  • Mission and vision statements: purpose, organization and values, products, services and clients
  • Corporate philosophy, values and codes of conduct
  • Corporate design and style/usage guides
  • Uniform internal/external corporate communication media
  • Multilingual communication and intercultural understanding
  • Negotiation, sales and presentation training
  • Local and international communication strategies
  • Composition of corresponding press releases and feature articles
  • Media and Community Relations:
    • Management of workplace, environmental and community issues
    • Crisis management
    • Employee relations, sponsorships/scholarships and philanthropy


Your Benefits

  • Increased sales potential, clarity and transparency
  • Greater ability to effectively enter and expand the company’s presence in foreign markets and/or acquire international clientele
  • Professional, clear, and consistent articulation and dissemination of your company’s:
    • Core competencies, products, and services
    • Corporate mission and vision to new and senior staff members as well as clients
  • Optimal corporate identity and product/service branding: uniform representation of your company in all of its internal and external communication media
  • Identification and correction of issues adversely affecting corporate goals or contradicting the corporate mission