We provide our international clientele with professional, clear, and consistent translation and interpretation services. Whereas translation refers to the written rendering of a “source text” in a different language, interpretation refers to the process of orally rendering communication in a “source-language” in one or multiple “target languages.” Simply put, interpretation is “verbal (or signed) translation.” To get a free quote or schedule an initial meeting, feel free to contact us at any time.

Our interpreters offer simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, and liaison interpretation for on-site, telephone, and online conferences as well as formal and informal meetings. We translate and interpret in the following languages (our primary translation language pairs are German<>English and Spanish<>English):

  • English
  • German
  • Italian **
  • Japanese *
  • Polish **
  • Russian
  • Spanish

* Currently only as a source language
** Currently only as a target language

Every translation order is completed according to consistent style and usage guides, which are tailored specifically to your wishes. Our team of professional and very experienced translators and editors work closely with you throughout the entire project and always provide you with a precise, high-quality product.

  • Professional, clear, and consistent translation, editing & proofreading services based on uniform, client-specific style and usage guides and glossaries
  • Creation and provision of a word-choice document for your review prior to publication
  • Composition of multilingual templates, company-specific translation standards and guidelines as well as industry-specific glossaries
  • Updating and optimizing all existing internal and external publications in accordance with the client-specific style and usage guide
  • Team of multilingual experts in rhetoric, diction, style, and punctuation in the source and target languages for your corporate, academic and personal publications
  • Confidentiality. You can even receive a quote from us without having to provide the text containing confidential information that you would like to have translated or edited. Simply enter the document type and total keystrokes in our quote form, and your inquiry will be processed immediately.
  • Precise translation and revision of texts containing highly-specialized verbiage and complicated subject matter
  • Personal and direct support and feedback throughout the entire project
  • Enhanced clarity and consistency of your internal and external multilingual communication via the composition and provision of a company-specific style and usage guide as well as industry-specific glossaries
  • Ability to proof various options for ambiguous and recurrent terms/formulations prior to publication and to distinguish the subtle differences and meanings of the respective industry-specific terms or expressions via word-choice documents composed with every order
  • Assurance that multilingual terminology always remains consistent in the target languages via client-specific glossaries