The world truly has become a “global village”, and CARTERCOMMUNICATION is facilitating its multilingual communication. Our clients receive both traditional foreign-language instruction and corporate language training for international commerce: e.g., “business English,” “business German,” etc. This multifaceted training is specifically tailored to the client’s communication goals in the target language and encompasses many of the communication-consulting services we provide for our corporate clientele in on-site courses and seminars.

Currently, our network can provide you with expert language training in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

To obtain a free quote or schedule an initial meeting where we can discuss how CARTERCOMMUNICATION may best support you to reach your foreign-language proficiency and intercultural communication goals, feel free to contact us at any time.


The following service overview describes your benefits with our team and also provides information on language-proficiency standards in Europe and the U.S. The proficiency-level descriptions and forms allow you to assess your current foreign-language skills and create goals that you can achieve with our dedicated trainers.

Specifically-tailored language training courses and seminars for individuals and groups based on clients’ respective core competencies, language proficiencies, needs, and goals:

  • Proficiency-level assessments according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR or CEF) for employees, managers, entrepreneurs and students
  • Revision and optimization of internal and external corporate publications
  • Creation of multilingual glossaries and department-specific style guides

Focal points of the language training

  • Industry-specific topics and support with the creation of multilingual marketing material for products and services
  • Creation of presentations and online publications
  • General corporate language training and communication skills including current events, small talk and e-mails
  • Competently and professionally holding meetings and participating in conference calls
  • Training in rhetoric, sales, presenting and negotiating
  • Overcoming speaking inhibitions via translation, pronunciation and accent training
  • Increasing general written and spoken proficiency as well as reading and listening comprehension and intercultural understanding
  • Improving fluency, grammatical accuracy and industry-specific vocabulary

On-Site Corporate Language Training – An Incentive Program for Your Key People:

  • On-the-job continuing education with professional and dedicated language trainers
  • Professional language training for key teams, including one-on-one coaching for key people
  • Greater interpersonal and intercultural understanding, communication and cooperation
  • Increased international sales potential and ability to effectively enter and expand the company’s presence in foreign markets
  • Increased self-confidence and job satisfaction via the acquisition of new and marketable skills: improved foreign-language proficiencies and effective-communication skills
  • Creation of corporate master and department-specific glossaries and terms-distinction guides by and for your employees

Forum to:

  • Facilitate team-building
  • Relay and reiterate the corporate philosophy, mission and vision to new and senior staff
  • Increase knowledge of the company’s core competencies
  • Streamline communication channels and team dynamics
  • Optimize internal and external multilingual sales/marketing presentations
  • Produce consistent, multilingual public relations and advertising material
  • Improve sales, negotiation and presentation skills in the targe language
  • Update and proofread existing multilingual publications in accordance with the company-specific translation style and usage guide
  • Remain informed of current issues affecting international commerce

My Favorite Free Multilingual Glossaries I Use for EN-DE-ES All the Time

English Grammar and Composition (Punctuation, Style, Etc.)

EN-EN Dictionaries

English Etymology

English-German-Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation

EN-EN Financial Websites

Currency Exchange Rates

Other Industry-Specific Dictionaries


Deutsche Grammatik

DE-DE Wörterbücher


Gramática Española

ES-ES Diccionarios

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Other Free Multilingual Glossaries and Language Links