Dylan Carter

Building international bridges

Dylan Carter, BA

Founder and Manager of

Nationality and residence: American-Australian citizen, currently in Austin, Texas with a permanent-residence and work permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) for Germany (lived in Berlin from 2004–2016)
Contact: dylan@carter-communication.com

Particular Strengths

  • Years of international business experience and working with people from multiple cultures:
    • Corporate language training
    • Communication consulting and multilingual marketing
    • Translation, editing, and proofreading (German, English, and Spanish)
    • Interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive)
    • Data-analysis
    • Customer service
    • Sales
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and language skills: trilingual (German, English, and Spanish)
    • English native speaker: highly trained in rhetoric, composition, grammar, and style
    • German: advanced spoken and written proficiency (CEF C1–C2; ILR S-4–S-5, “Advanced Professional–Bilingual Proficiency”)
    • Spanish: near-native written and spoken proficiency (CEF: C1–C2; ILR S-4–S-5, “Advanced Professional–Bilingual Proficiency”); Formal education and experience in the Spanish language and Latin culture since the age of 16
  • Strong team spirit, motivational and organizational skills
  • Open, communicative, and friendly demeanor
  • Skills and experience required to develop and streamline clients’ international operations/sales, internal and external multilingual corporate communication media and on-site corporate language training

Professional Experience in Europe

October 2004–December 2016: CARTERCOMMUNICATION, Berlin, Germany
Owner and project manager: Multilingual Digital Marketing, Corporate Communication Consultant & Business-English/Spanish Coach

  • On-site corporate language training for employees and managers from multiple industries as well as entrepreneurs and students
  • Creation of specifically-tailored Business-English, Spanish, and communication-consulting courses with optimal training groups for clients’ respective core competencies and language needs
  • Foreign language proficiency-level assessments according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)”
  • Revision and optimization of internal and external corporate publications, multilingual marketing material and presentations based on client-specific German-English glossaries and style guides
  • Coaching in rhetoric, sales, presenting, and negotiating
  • Motivating clients to overcome speaking inhibitions via improving their business English/Spanish and general communication skills as well as providing them with the required translation, pronunciation, and accent training
  • Increasing intercultural and interpersonal understanding via analyzing the causes and conditions of conflict in general as well as preconceived (often erroneous) views and stereotypes
  • Introducing new perspectives, opportunities, and mental freedom into subjective experience
  • Extensive travel in Asia, Australia, and Europe

2005–Present: CARTERCOMMUNICATION, Berlin, Germany
Copywriter, Translator, Interpreter, and Editor (German, English, and Spanish)

  • Copywriting, translation, interpretation, editing, and proofreading (German, English, and Spanish) for numerous companies in various industries, political and nonprofit organizations as well as professors and students at several universities
  • Concurrent composition of client-specific word-choice documents and “style and usage guides” in order to proof various options for ambiguous and recurrent terms/formulations prior to publication and to distinguish the subtle differences and meanings of the respective industry-specific terms or expressions
  • Orders have consisted of all types of internal and external publications, marketing and advertising materials as well as micro-and macro market analyses, sales brochures, contracts/quotes, portfolios, resumes, technical, and legal as well as personal documents.

Professional Experience and Education in the Americas

2001–2004: Continental Airlines, Houston, TX USA
Certified Spanish-English Interpreter & Operational Performance Coordinator

  • Experience both in management and as a front-line employee throughout the U.S. and Latin America in translation/interpretation, customer service, internal and external corporate communication in various media, and data analysis
  • Liaison between employees in 16 departments and their respective management
  • Responsible for analyzing data and reporting on operations at over 320 airports worldwide
  • Author and editor of articles for the Monthly Operational Update magazine
  • Extensive travel in the Americas, Australia, and Europe

December 2000: Cum Laude Graduate from the University of Texas at Austin

  • BA in the Spanish language; minor in English (3.74 GPA: comparable to the German 1.3)
  • Six-month exchange program at the University of Costa Rica
  • General studies included: linguistics, phonetics, rhetoric, philosophy of mind, psychology, international politics and commerce